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WinCC OA & Node-Red Integration

It is very easy to get data from WinCC Open Architecture to NodeRed.

Add a new user to WinCC OA – System Management / Permission / User Administation.

We will use “node” as username.

Add Config Entry

httpsPort = 8449
resourceName = "/websocket"

Start Control Manager “wss.ctl -user <username>:” Note the trailing “:” !!

wss.ctl -user node:

Node-Red: Install Palette “node-red-contrib-winccoa”

You can now add a Node. In that example we will use the dpQuery node and use “SELECT ‘_online.._value’ FROM ‘Meter_Input_WattAct.'” as query. So we just query the online value of one tag.

You have to configure the Server by clicking on the pencil button. This points to the before started Websocket Control Manager and you have to set the username and password we have added in one of the previous steps.