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Export Oracle APEX Applications of Workspace

How to export all applications of an Oracle APEX Workspace:

export CLASSPATH=.:/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar:/app/apex/utilities

java oracle.apex.APEXExport -db localhost:1521:ORCL -user system -password -workspaceid 2097002597188478

/app/apex ==> Oracle APEX Installation-Directory

Oracle Apex Blob as Download-Link…

First of all you have to select the blob column like this:

select project_id, mimetype, filename, dbms_lob.getlength(“OUTPUT”) AS output
order by uploadts desc

If not you will get an error message.

AS Number/Date Format use  a string like this:



SmartHome Architecture…

SmartHome…. high availability architecture… but just for fun and to play with some technologies. The system is also able to run on a single system like the “Scada Local” system, and this is just an old Lenovo Netbook with 2GB RAM…


Used software: Arduino, RaspberryPI, WinCC OA, VMWare ESXi, iSCSI-Target TGT, Oracle-Solaris, Oracle-Linux, Oracle-Database & ASM, Oracle-Apex…

Progamming the Arduino was pretty cool, this cheap micro controller is very powerful 🙂  Implemented a rough interface to WinCC OA (powerful SCADA software made by Siemens/ETM)…


WinCC OA APEX jQuery mobile smartphone demo…


Simple mobile smartphone demo build with Oracle APEX connected to WinCC OA (

It tooks me about 3h… and i had NO experience with APEX!

The map does not work on (my) android smartphone… maybe a known bug:

Connectivity WinCC OA <=> Oracle:

Oracle-DB => PL/SQL => XMLRPC-Calls => WinCC OA (Control)

Currently the connectivity library is very basic, but if i will find some time i will extend it… and you will find it on sourceforge…

if you have a valid Oracle database license APEX is for free! if you don’t have one, you can use Oracle-XE, which you can get for free…. 🙂

Oracle and APEX meets WinCC OA…

With a “few lines” of code Oracle is able to fetch WinCC OA values over XMLRPC webservice – current and history values (WinCC OA RDB-Manager is not needed).

WinCC OA values can be queried with “natural” Oracle SQL Statements

select t.dp, wccoa.dpGet(t.dp||'.int'), wccoa.dpGet(t.dp||'.int:_online.._stime')
from dpnames t where dp like 'Example%'

So, it is also easy to create “WinCC OA” (Web)APEX Applications!