WinCC OA RDB-Manager with Oracle vs MongoDB

Keep in Mind: It is not a comparison of the databases only. With Oracle we used the WinCC OA RDB Manager with OA Query-RDB Direct option, and the RDB-Manager has lot of more functionalities than the NoSQL Prototyp! The other databases were tested with a NoSQL Logger Prototyp written in Java, and the implementations for writing and reading are different, because there are different interfaces for each database – for PostgreSQL we used the PostgreSQL JDBC driver, MongoDB has it’s own Java API and InfluxDB uses REST/HTTP. So, not only the speed of the database itself is compared – also the interfaces to WinCC OA and the implementations of reading are taken into account.

Oracle and OA RDB-Manager Results:
2016.07.29 09:09:03.302[“start…”]
2016.07.29 09:09:39.628[36.326][33669]
2016.07.29 09:11:22.051[“start…”]
2016.07.29 09:11:36.213[14.159][33669]

MongoDB Results:
2016.07.29 09:10:37.449[“start…”]
2016.07.29 09:10:53.171[15.72][33669]
2016.07.29 09:11:42.932[“start…”]
2016.07.29 09:11:52.918[9.986][33669]

InfluxDB Results:
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:47:33.441[“start…”]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:47:42.477[9.035][33668]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:48:12.733[“start…”]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:48:18.745[6.011][33668]

it is faster than MongoDB. And our InfluxDB is running on a MacMini (Hyper-V) and the data is stored on a shared Synology NAS for home usage (DS414 slim) – much less power for InfluxDB compared to the four 7.2k disks and to the i7 where the Oracle DB and MonogDB is running on.

PostgreSQL Results:
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:56:55.062[“start…”]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:03.475[8.41][33669]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:14.767[“start…”]
WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:20.196[5.427][33669]

PostgreSQL is running on the same machine and disks as Oracle and MongoDB.