How to replicate values to data centers, big-data, SOA, … with WinCC OA…

With a little adaptor in the RDB-Manager it is easy to forward values to an Java EE Server like Glassfish (free).

And from a Java-Bean values can be forwarded to any kind of data sink.


As an example i forwared values to Oracle Event Processing

Enabling Fast Data and the Internet of Things.


Calculate a moving average in WinCC OA? Quite simple with CQL (Continous Query Language, this is not SQL):

select el, avg(val) as val from channel1 [RANGE 1 MINUTE SLIDE 5 SECONDS] group by el


Or use the power of Microsoft Machine Learing:

Machine learning – mining historical data with computer systems to predict future trends or behaviour – touches more and more lives every day. Search engines, online recommendations, ad targeting, virtual assistants, demand forecasting, fraud detection, spam filters – machine learning powers all these modern services. But these uses barely scratch the surface of what’s possible.