WinCC OA Push Notifications to iOS/Android…


Install the Android-App: (it is a very simple Test-App) and get messages sent by my “SmartHome” WinCC OA system.

Or use it with your own WinCC OA project:

Download the program from here

ASCII-Import: RocVMessage.dpl
Ctrl-Script: RocVMessage.ctc (Port 9601 is used for communication)

On a Windows Host you have to start:
RocVMessage.exe <messageHost> <projectToken>

if no messageHost is passed then localhost is used (messageHost is the host where the ctrl is running)

if no project token is passed the messages will be send to the demo project/service.

if you wanna use your own distribution circle (with a projectToken) then you can generate a project token:

Copy the project id/token and save the QR-Image.

Start RocVMessage.exe with this project token and scan the QR-Code with the Android-App (click on “PROJECT” at the top of the app). Barcode Scanner App must be installed:

Messages are sent to those devices using the same project token as the RocVMessage.exe uses.

Sending a Push Notification: dpSet(“RocVMessage.Message.Message”, “hello from WinCC OA”);
The message will be sent to all devices which are registered to the same project token (iOS and Android!).

(Note: RocVMessage.Notification currently only works with iPhone, there is another technology behind, not yet implemented in the Android-App).