C# WinCC OA Connector…

C# WinCC OA Connector



Communication can be done directly with XMLRPC or with the included proxy:

  • .net remoting is used for “commands” from the client to the proxy (dpConnect, dpQueryConnect).
  • tcp (xml over tcp) for sending unsolicited data/events from the proxy to the client.

The proxy also acts as a distributor – if clients have the same dp(Query)Connects,
the connects in the control are done once, and the proxy will forward it to the clients.

Added functions for dpConnects without using “Tag” Objects (the Tag objects where created for
mobile clients). Now it is easy to create for example a dpQueryConnect. The callback function
is just a C# delegate:

// create server and client objects
client = new WCCOAClient (ProxyHost, ProxyRemotePort, ProxyClientPort);

// start and connect
client.Start ();
client.Connect ();
client.DpQueryConnectSingle((object s, ArrayList a) => {
}, “SELECT ‘_online.._value’, ‘_online.._stime’ FROM ‘*.**'”);

The proxy (WCCOANetServer.exe) must be started on a server (can, but must not be, the WCCOA Server).

Works fine with MonoTouch and Mono for Android!

WinCC Open Architecture must run the included Ctrl-Script xmlnet_server.ctl

GPLv3 License is used for the public domain.
If you plan to use it in a CLOSED SOURCE project,
please get in touch with me – andres.vogler@gmail.com !